Tooth Extraction

Although permanent teeth are meant to last for lifetime, some dental problems like tooth decay result in tooth extraction. In most cases, a damaged tooth can be fixed with a filling or crown, but if the damage is severe, chances of tooth extraction are high. Besides, tooth extraction is carried out in children for milk teeth removal. According to Dr. Artour, tooth extraction is carried out in two types; surgical and simple extraction.

What is the importance of the Tooth Extraction procedure?

The notable benefit of tooth extraction is to protect the surrounding teeth from decay. According to Hollywood DDS, removal of wisdom teeth reduces potential dental problems like cavities. Besides, tooth extraction of wisdom teeth reduces tooth aching and chronic headaches. Our dental team encourages professional tooth extraction in children to reduce the risk of future unforeseen infections.

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Who is a right candidate for Tooth Extraction?

The tooth extraction procedure is carried out only on necessary patients to maintain gum and teeth health. You are an ideal candidate for a tooth extraction procedure if you are experiencing severe tooth damage out of decay. Dr. Khachatrian recommends tooth extraction to children with affected wisdom teeth, with no room for permanent teeth to grow adequately. Besides, tooth extraction is prescribed to patients with extra teeth development causing misalignments.

What is the Process of the Tooth Extraction procedure?

Tooth extraction is carried out in either a simple or surgical extraction procedure. During a simple extraction, the teeth are visible in the mouth. The dentist will numb the gum of the tooth to be worked on. Then he or she will use an elevator to loosen the teeth and remove it using forceps. In case the tooth to be extracted has not come into the mouth, a surgical extraction is carried out. First, the dentist will numb the gum of the area to be worked on. Then he or she will make a small incision into the gum and remove the underlying tooth. Dr. Artour Khachatrian advises you to follow the dentist’s prescriptions after extraction to avoid any infection around the area.

If you think you need a tooth extraction procedure or would like to inquire more about this procedure, call our dental office today, and one of our staff members will be happy to assist.

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