Dental X-rays

Teeth can be incredibly durable and last for a long time as long as you continue to care for them. When you have any concerns about your teeth, it is important to get a full understanding of what is wrong. One of the best ways to do this is through dental x-rays.

What are dental x-rays?

X-rays are used by doctors to get a clear sense of the condition of a bone structure. The dental x-rays are used to examine teeth. They can be used by a dentist to see if a tooth has decay or other issues.

Why do you need dental x-rays?

If you come in for a dental examination, there is a good chance that you will need dental x-rays. These images are the best way that someone can get a clear view of the condition of their teeth. It will be able to clearly identify decay, which will help the dentist to make a plan of action.
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Who is a good candidate for dental x-rays?

Most people are going to be good candidates for dental x-rays. The dental x-rays are the best way to get a clear image of the condition of your teeth. The process and procedure for x-rays is also very safe, although they will have you wear a leaded vest as a precaution.

What is the procedure for dental x-rays?

When you do receive dental x-rays, they will normally come during a standard examination. Normally, you will start with a cleaning. After that is done, the team will take the dental x-rays, which can then be produced rather quickly. The images will usually take a few minutes to produce and then will be evaluated by the dentist. Based on this assessment, the dentist may provide suggestions for additional forms of care.

Having dental x-rays done from time to time is very important. When you are in need of an examination, you should call us at Hollywood DDS. Our friendly staff can answer any questions that you have about examinations and can schedule a convenient time for you to come in and meet with Dr. Artour Khachatrian.
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