Fluoride Treatments

Having strong enamel is very important for your oral health. One way that you can strengthen your enamel is by having a fluoride treatment done from time to time.

What are fluoride treatments?

Seeing your dentist on a regular basis is very important. During an examination, it may be determined that your enamel needs to be strengthened. If this is the case, fluoride treatments are one of the best treatments and procedures that you can have done. The fluoride treatments will help to strengthen your enamel and protect against future decay.

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Why do you need fluoride treatments?

Receiving fluoride treatments is not necessary for everyone with all dental visits. However, those that are more susceptible to decay should have the fluoride treatments done to ensure they are protected as much as possible. Ultimately, you will want to have this treatment to ensure that your teeth remain strong and that cavities and other dental issues can be avoided as well as possible.

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Who is a good candidate for fluoride treatments?

Ultimately, anyone can be a good candidate for fluoride treatments. However, these treatments tend to be best for people that have had a history of cavities, even if they continue to brush and floss. Also, fluoride treatments are far more common and necessary for kids as their teeth are not built with the same level of enamel as adult teeth.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

Normally, fluoride treatments will be provided after you have had a normal dental cleaning and examination. Once you have had your teeth cleaned, the hygienist will a tooth tray with fluoride. You will then place this on your mouth for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, you should try to avoid drinking or eating for a few hours to allow the fluoride to soak in. If you are in need of fluoride treatments or any other dental service, you should call us at Hollywood DDS. When you call us at Hollywood DDS, our friendly team can answer your questions and also schedule a dental appointment for you to meet with our team, including Dr. Artour Khachatrian.
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